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Rev. Daigan Gaither is a queer, white, disabled cis male, (He/Him Pronouns) who is ordained in the Suzuki Roshi lineage of Soto Zen Buddhism.  He teaches, and practices internationally on a variety of topics including healthy/healing communities, disability and social justice, sexuality, embodiment, and the ways those intersect with Buddhist Practice.  Daigan has a BA in Philosophy and Religion, and an MA in Buddhist Studies (with certificates in Chaplaincy and Soto Zen).  

Fred Gebhardt has a background in filmmaking and videography, usually focusing on thee stories of the queer culture in the San Francisco Bay Area. Through documentaries, music videos, and short films, he has found his passion. Although not particularly spiritual himself, he has seen firsthand how the creative and artistic processes can in fact be spiritual practices all their own. With mindfulness being at the forefront of the video content he produces, he figured this project would be a perfect chance to combine his passions into one outlet.

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